Organize Your Toilet Paper With A Basket

toilet paper basket

Organize Your Toilet Paper With A Basket

If you have a small bathroom or don’t want to use toilet paper basket a cabinet to store your toilet paper, a toilet paper basket is a great option. They are space-saving and can hold up to four times as much as standard horizontal holders.

Wall Choice: This is the most common way to mount a toilet paper basket, although if you don’t have a wall across from your toilet you can also place a free-standing or wall-mounted toilet paper holder on the side of a vanity or other hard surface like a bathtub. You can even find self-adhesive options that can be mounted on the side of a toilet bowl or door to save space.

ADA Considerations: In the US, it is required to adhere to ADA guidelines when installing an accessory such as a holder for people with disabilities. These guidelines call for a distance of 8 to 12 inches from the toilet and a height of 26 inches above the floor so that everyone in the household can easily reach it.

Adding a Touch of Style to Your Bathroom: How to Choose the Perfect Toilet Paper Basket

The best way to install a toilet paper holder is by making accurate measurements of your bathroom and where you would like the unit to be installed. Then use a stud finder and a level to ensure that you have positioned the holder correctly for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

The placement of your holder can make or break your bathroom. When you have a large number of occupants, consider installing the unit a few feet away from the toilet for easier access and to avoid soggy splashes on the walls. This is especially important if you have young children or people with limited mobility who may need additional assistance to get to the holder.

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