Tailored Athlete


Athletes wear tailored athlete clothing for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is for aesthetics and comfort. However, athletic apparel also plays a key role in supporting performance at sport and exercise.

Achieving optimal performance requires clothing that fits correctly and is made from high-quality fabrics. Some materials have specialized properties that help athletes perform their best while wearing them.

Moisture control, wicking and drying are some of the benefits of these performance fabric choices. These qualities work to draw perspiration away from the body and then quickly evaporate it as it moves through the material, leaving the athlete dry and comfortable.

Achieving Peak Performance: How Tailored Athlete is Revolutionizing Athletic Apparel

Tightness is an important factor in athletic wear, because it promotes blood flow and prevents overuse of muscles. This is especially important in high-intensity sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Color-coordinated apparel can also add to team spirit and improve the confidence of a team. For example, a team with multiple players in the same jersey is more likely to win games and tournaments than a team that lacks cohesiveness.

Sun protection is another benefit of workout clothes. It can reduce a person’s risk of skin cancer and premature aging. For this reason, most athletic apparel includes a higher UV protection factor (UPF) than standard fabrics.

ShirtSpace offers many options for durable, custom-printed men’s athletic shirts that will hold up against rigorous workouts and look great at the gym or on the playing field. We also carry a wide range of styles that can be personalized with your own team logo or player’s name and number.

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