NJ Child Support Obligations in Bankruptcy

New Jersey bankruptcy laws apply to the payment of NJ child support obligations. If your spouse or former partner has filed for bankruptcy, this may mean that your child support is unpaid. If you have filed for bankruptcy and are facing this situation, you need to know what your options are. Here are some of your options. – Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy entitles you to discharge your NJ child support obligations in bankruptcy.

How to Know NJ Child Support Obligations in Bankruptcy

– You cannot pay off your NJ child support obligation yourself. Child support laws vary by state, but they generally entitle you to some relief. Most states have laws that suspend various licenses for nonpayment of support. This includes your driver’s license, boating license, fishing license, and any professional licenses you may have, such as medical or professional licenses. Although these may not directly relate to child support, the suspension of your fishing or hunting license can help you comply with your support obligations.

In addition to bankruptcy, filing for divorce in New Jersey is another option. While it can be challenging, filing for bankruptcy can be a great way to avoid paying child support in NJ. This option can be the right choice for many couples. In many cases, you can avoid paying child support while you are filing for divorce. However, be sure to contact your local bankruptcy attorney to learn more about how to file for bankruptcy.

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