Handmade Rugs

handmade rugs

Handmade rugs are multifaceted works of art. They are handmade, requiring many hands to complete the intricate patterns. Wool and silk fibers are spun, dyed, woven, and knotted by hand. Creating intricate designs takes a lot of time and can take eight months to several years to complete. Handmade rugs celebrate the human talent and embrace the concept of originality. Choosing the perfect rug for your home can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many ways to choose the best handmade rug. Click here – biev.com

These Rugs Are Rarer And May Have Imperfections

Handmade rugs are generally a combination of different methods. The process of weaving a handmade rug begins with the warp, or the yarns that form the carpet. This warp is stretched across a wooden loom. The artisan then starts to weave in the weft, using a heavy comb to pack the yarns tightly. The pile becomes a significant part of the construction process. This makes the rug more durable, but it is also softer.

Wool is the most common material used to make handmade rugs. Wool is a natural resource that outlasts synthetic fibers indefinitely. Handmade rugs also feature superior quality materials. Tufenkian, for example, uses wool from the Caucasian Mountain sheep. Wool is naturally water repellent and stain-resistant. Unlike machine-made rugs, handmade rugs last for generations, often spanning multiple generations.

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