Becoming a Driving Instructor – How Long Do You Have to Hold a Licence?

driving instructor

If you’re thinking about becoming a driving instructor, there are many things you need to know before making the decision. First of all, there is a lot more to becoming a driving instructor than just taking a driving course and passing a test. Not only will you be taking yourself and your vehicle through a variety of situations, but you’ll be dealing with many other people as well. You’ll be responsible for their safety as well as their well-being. A driving instructor is usually someone who’s hired by a would-be new driver who’s learning to enhance their driving skills – usually for an upcoming road test.

How to Do Becoming a Driving Instructor

In order to teach someone who has little to no driving experience a vehicle lesson, most states require that the new teacher have some driving instructor experience themselves. In some cases, the state may even require classroom training in addition to on-the-road instruction. In these cases, the person looking to become a driving instructor will need a clean driving license, although it isn’t necessary. Some states require no driving experience at all to become a driving instructor. However, in these cases, it is extremely important to have a clean driving license in order to be accepted for classroom training.

Some states do not require classroom training or any form of licensing in order to become a driving instructor, but they do require a driving school degree or a passing grade on a driving exam in order to teach someone who has little to no driving experience the finer points of driving. Getting a driving school degree and passing your driving exam is the best way to get your driving instructor license, but even if you don’t have a school diploma, you can still get your driving lessons paid for by most driving schools. Many driving instructors work with student drivers who don’t have driving experience, and paying for the driving lessons and doing all the work involved with driving instructing students is often a good way to get into this line of work.

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