Michigan Distillery

michigan distillery

Whether you’re looking for a drink to spice up your evening or just looking for a way to celebrate ,michigan distillery has a wide range of spirits to choose from. You can find anything from a vodka to a gin. These distilleries strive to provide the best tasting spirits possible.

Michigan has a rich agricultural heritage and many craft distilleries are using local ingredients in their products. Owners hope to create a love for the state in their customers. Using local products also supports the local economy and provides additional opportunities for local farmers.

There are currently over 60 craft distilleries in the state. Many of these distilleries are open to the public and provide tours. Tours often include a taste of the spirits being made and the history of the site.

Sample the Spirits of Michigan

The Grand Traverse Distillery is located in Northern Michigan and is one of the oldest craft distilleries in the state. This distillery uses world-class rye that’s grown in the Traverse City area. Its water is sifted through dark soil and mixed with locally-sourced grains.

Two James Spirits in Detroit is the first licensed distillery to operate in the city since before Prohibition. Owned by Peter Bailey and David Landrum, this distillery pays homage to Detroit’s rich distilling history.

The Ann Arbor Distilling Company in Southeast Michigan is also a craft distiller. Located an hour’s drive from Toledo, this distillery makes four seasonal gins and a variety of fruit liqueurs.

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