How to Use Leggings to Shape Your Bum

leggings to shape bum

While burning fat and doing squats at the gym are still the best ways to enhance your booty, there are many other simple tricks you can use. For instance, certain types of clothing are more visually effective than others at making your bum look bigger.

Leggings to shape bum, in particular, are a great option for highlighting your curves. With the right pair, you can instantly get your butt looking perky and rounded, without having to do a single squat. In fact, there’s a special type of legging that’s specifically designed to make your backside look bigger and fuller.

Contour Your Curves: The Ultimate Guide to Booty-Enhancing Contour Leggings

Known as scrunch bum leggings, they’re designed to lift your butt while also giving the appearance of a slimmer waist. Featuring a high-waist and ruched material around the seams, this design gives you all the support of a standard legging while also elevating your booty. Whether you’re wearing them to the gym for a workout or even just running errands during your day off, this pair of leggings will instantly give you a better-looking peach.

If you’re interested in getting the same effect, you can try out other options, such as leggings with a ribbed waistband. According to textile expert Preeti Arya, ribbed waistbands are able to add some shape and definition to your waist, which will instantly make your bum appear fuller and rounder. You can also wear a g-string or thong with your leggings, as they’re also designed to enhance your curves.

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