Fight Back Make the Creditor Pay

Fight Back  Make the Creditor Pay

If you are in debt, you have the right to fight back and make the creditor pay. However, debt collectors can do a lot of illegal things to collect money from you. You can file a civil lawsuit against them for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These collectors often tell you false information to get you to pay up. They also use intimidation and bullying tactics to get you to pay up.

The Bank Will Freeze The Debtor’s Bank Account Until It Receives The Funds

The best way to fight back is to explain to the creditor your situation. You should explain why you are unable to pay and when you expect to pay. Otherwise, the creditor will assume that you have the ability to pay and will do anything to collect. Explaining your situation will put an end to collection harassment.

When a bank levy has been filed, the creditor can try to collect the money by filing a lawsuit. To do so, the creditor must notify the debtor in advance of the lawsuit. If the lawsuit is successful, the creditor can use more powerful collection tools to collect the debt. For example, if the creditor is successful, the bank will freeze the debtor’s bank account until it receives the funds. Click here now –

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