Elf Driving School – Filming Locations in NYC

The holiday season is upon us and one of the most beloved Christmas films ever made is Elf Driving School. This beloved film was filmed almost entirely in NYC and encapsulates the magic of the city during the holidays like no other movie. So for those who want to visit the famous locations from the movie, we’ve compiled this guide of the best Elf filming locations in NYC.

What is G on a gear shift?

The scene where Buddy is trying to act like a business-oriented adult in his father’s company office was filmed along 5th Avenue. Likewise, the exterior of Gimbels (the department store where Buddy and Jovie go shopping) was filmed at this location as well.

While the producers wanted to use Macy’s on 34th Street for this scene, they had to settle for the nearby Gimbels due to construction in the area. However, the set used for this scene looks very similar to the real thing so it wasn’t much of a loss.

Eda has a somewhat uneasy relationship with King, her apprentice. She is often seen looking down on him, both figuratively and literally, and she frequently questions his knowledge of the world. Despite this, she seems to enjoy his company and takes care of him as if he were her own child or pet.

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