Different Types of Drum Mixer

A drum mixer is a kind of rotating drum mixer which makes concrete in single loads. The drum rotates around an axis as ingredients are loaded into a drum at one end and exit from the drum at the other end. This type of mixer can be made to run on a variety of energy sources, such as electricity, hydraulic, gasoline, and natural gas among others. Some Drum Mixer have also been found to run by solar energy, making them environmentally friendly.

Different Types of Drum Mixer

It is generally thought that a drum mixer can only be used for making concrete or wallboard. However, in the past decades it has found various uses like for laminating, grinding, drilling, painting, blowing dust, blowing sand, pouring and drying chemicals, and for manufacturing plastic materials. Drum mixers can come in different sizes and models. There are those that can make only a limited amount of concrete while others can produce up to two hundred pounds of material in a single load. Most models have a capacity of between ten and fifteen gallons, with most models capable of working for up to sixty gallons.

One of the most popular kinds of drum mixers is the roller stand mixer which can perform a variety of mixing jobs, most commonly making dough and foam. The two speed, high and low speed mixing option makes this kind of drum mixer a good choice for professionals and weekend DIYers alike. These models usually have an adjustable mixing shelf which allows the user to adjust the speed according to the needs of the recipe. Some of these models have the capacity to operate on electricity, propane or natural gas.

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