A Cork Yoga Mat – An Alternative To A Non-Slip Foam Mat

cork yoga mat

The cork yoga mat is an excellent mat to use during any yoga session. The cork mat has a sticky surface that is not slippery as many other mats are and it is also quite firm. The mat can be used for practicing a variety of yoga poses; therefore it can serve as a beginner mat, an advanced mat and even serve as a floor mat. Some people find the cork mat to be rather comfortable and prefer it to the foam mat since the cork can be massaged around the body instead of being pressed or shaken. The foam mat is often thought to be more supportive but cork has proved to be just as effective.


The cork yoga mat is available in many different colors from plain white to bright colors. It can also be customized with your yoga mat color or logo. Many companies offer this amazing mat with their famous label, such as Lululemon. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to purchasing a large non-slip cushion, you may want to consider purchasing this amazing natural rubber mat. You will have fun performing your yoga moves on this comfortable mat which provides you with the amount of support and comfort that you need.


When comparing the prices of the cork yoga mat to that of a standard foam mat you will notice the price difference is minimal. In addition, the price of the Lululemon cork mat is lower than most other yoga products. If you purchase the Lululemon yoga mat you can feel confident that you are getting a great value for the money. The cork mat is a great choice for any yoga practitioner.

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