White Mahogany Decking

A great way to extend your living space and blur the lines between inside and out, white mahogany decking is a beautiful hardwood timber that’s perfect for all outdoor applications including pool surrounds, bridges, verandahs and landscaping. This hardy Australian timber is sourced under Ecologically Sustainable Forestry Management, so you can be confident you’re doing your part for the environment.

Is composite decking good in cold climates?

Mahogany decking can be oiled to darken and enrich its colour or simply allowed to mellow out to a silvery gray “seaside” type of weathered appearance. Using an oil finish can also help seal the wood to prevent water and moisture damage.

Genuine Mahogany (plantation grown or old growth) is the most durable and long-lasting decking material available, but it can be difficult to find. Many companies in the decking industry improperly brand Shorea genus trees as simply “Mahogany,” and this can result in a low-quality, inferior product.

Khaya Mahogany, Cambara Mahogany and other types of African Mahogany are also marketed as Genuine Mahogany, but they have nothing to do with the old-growth Mahogany that used to be harvested from Central and South America. All of these Mahogany species are derived from different tree species and their color and durability varies.

Generally, the heartwood of these African mahogany trees is a pale pink or reddish brown. The grain is typically straight or slightly interlocked.

The sapwood of these African mahogany trees is typically creamy brown in colour, although it can also be uniformly lighter or darker than the heartwood. These Mahogany species are not as durable or resistant to rot and decay as Genuine Mahogany, and are often paired with plantation-grown Mahogany to create a simulated appearance.

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