When Is a Baby Not a Newborn?

The newborn stage is one of the most exciting and challenging times in a new parent’s life. From sleepless nights to that sweet, milky smell—it’s all part of the journey of becoming a mom or dad. But how long is your baby considered a newborn? This article will take a look at the duration of the newborn phase, when it’s time to transition to infant, and what it means to be a toddler or preschooler.

What are the hardest months of a baby?

Newborns are considered babies until they are 28 days old, then infants up to 12 months. Newborns can’t talk yet, so they communicate through crying. However, they can make noises such as high-pitched squeaks and hiccups.

When is a baby not a newborn As they grow, babies begin to develop their motor skills, such as crawling and standing up. They also learn to pick up objects. By this stage, they may also start to smile and wave, clap, or babble. They also might start to recognize their parents’ voices and other familiar sounds. During this stage, newborns’ skin might have a spotted pattern of reddish and pale areas. This is a common condition called lanugo (leh-NEW-go).

By this time, you’ll likely notice that your baby’s eyes are more focused on you and other people. They may even follow you as they move around. Additionally, your baby’s ears will be able to hear much better than before, and they might need fewer frequent diaper changes. They can now hold their heads up more easily and might have a permanent crease on their foreheads.

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