Water Tower Mixing Systems – Maintenance and Policy of Use

Water Tower Mixing Systems – Maintenance and Policy of Use

The water tower automatic – water tower cleaning – TANKPROINC mixing systems must follow a strict policy for maintenance. If the water tanks are not cleaned on a regular basis and maintained well then the system may not work properly. Water quality will be affected and so will the operating cost of the plant. Hence, in order to get optimum productivity and minimum wastage of water, the employees must follow a strictly implemented maintenance schedule to get the best results.


The best time to clean water tanks is during the low period before or after rains. This is because water tanks tend to accumulate lime, which results in an unfavorable condition for the mixing process. If the water tanks are cleaned at this time then there is no chance of any contamination affecting the production process. It is important that all employees must be aware of the scheduled maintenance and should report any change in the conditions of water towers to the concerned authorities.


In order to prevent corrosion of iron tank lining, the water tower mixing systems should have a coating on them. The coating acts as an added protection and prevents corrosion, rusting and leaching of hazardous chemicals from the tank into the wastage water. It also improves the capacity of the mixing system to mix water. If you use a steel tank lining, then it lasts longer and is easier to maintain, as compared to other water tanks.

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