The Benefits of a CBD Dose For Lupus

cbd dose for lupus

Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease, affects about 1.5 million Americans. It can cause rashes, joint pain, and inflammation. It can also affect blood and major organs. Treatment options for lupus include medications, surgery, and other therapies.

The Benefits of CBD for Lupus

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis can help treat the symptoms of lupus. CBD works by interacting with CB2 receptors in the brain and lowering proinflammatory cytokines. This can reduce the symptoms of lupus, including fatigue and joint pain. This link

It is important to remember that there are many drugs that interact with CBD, and it is not recommended to take a high dose of CBD without checking with your doctor. For example, it can be dangerous to use steroids (prednisone) with CBD since they are known to increase the levels of blood pressure and lead to dry mouth.

Experimenting with CBD Dosage for Lupus: Tips and Best Practices

Another common drug that can cause a negative interaction is Plaquenil, which lowers blood pressure and causes a dry mouth. It is possible to take CBD with these drugs, but you need to be careful.

A Clinical Trial for Lenabasum

In 2017, a clinical trial found that an experimental cannabinoid drug, called lenabasum, reduced the inflammatory cytokines TNF-alpha and interferons. This was done in patients with lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

While the research is still in its early stages, CBD is showing promise as a potential lupus medicine. It can be used to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and improve digestion in people with lupus. However, more research is needed to determine if it will have any effects on the immune system and if it will be safe to use.

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