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Pest Control Adelaide is an expert professional pest control company covering all pest-related areas of your house. Apart from killing insects, they also help you prevent any pest invasion in the future by advising on the right kind of insecticides to use, how often to apply them, and what precautions to take if you already have them in your house. This company has been operational for many years, serving the growing residential and commercial sector in South Australia since 2001. They have close collaboration with other organizations and associations such as the SSSCA (Royal Society of South Australia), SPCA (SPCA), and the Australian Government Department of Sustainability and Environment. They have an excellent pest management team and a full crew of pest exterminators, gardeners and related staff who work round the clock to ensure that the clients’ pest control problems are solved in the shortest time possible.


When you contact Pest Control Adelaide, they will provide you with a personalized pest control plan based on your specific needs and wants. Their team of pest control experts will analyze your house, garden, or patio and recommend the most appropriate approach to take. Once they have completed their analysis, they’ll discuss the pest issue with you personally, making you aware of their recommendations. Then they’ll make a few phone calls, set up a meeting, and send their team of exterminators to your premises. You don’t have to worry about coming home to find a huge spider in your living room; pest control ad Adelaide will make sure it’s a thing of the past.


Other pest control Adelaide services include the following: spider abatement, removing poisonous spiders (such as brown recluses, wolf spiders, cobweb spiders, red back spiders, mouse spiders, brown bears and impaction web spiders), controlling insect infestations (such as leafhoppers, dragonflies, moths, flies and beetles), and the elimination of termites. Pest management professionals will also work in conjunction with your local government to assist you with removing stubborn termite infestations that have been allowed to build-up. This ensures that your home or business is kept as pest free as possible.

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