Netball Court Specialists

Netball Court Specialists

Netball Court Specialists is a highly demanding sport requiring a high level of dynamic movement, with frequent changes of direction and pace. As such, the sport is associated with a high incidence of injury.

Traditionally the game has been played on indoor sprung timber surfaces. However, in the modern day there is an increasing popularity of the game being played on nonsprung synthetic sports surfaces. These are often made from polymeric EPDM rubber crumb/tartan surfacing and are designed to be used for both netball and tennis, with line markings applied as appropriate.

The Science Behind Netball Court Design

It is also possible for specialist sprung synthetic surfaces to be coated in a range of specialist colours to create multi-zoned stained or painted courts which highlight surrounds, goal, and centre circles. These are particularly popular with schools and can be used to differentiate between different sports on a multi-use games space.

The data collection was undertaken over a full pre-season and season for an elite netball club. All participants were semi-professional or professional athletes contracted with the same club throughout this period of data collection. All participants provided written informed consent to participate in the study and this has been approved by Deakin University Human Ethics Advisory Committee.

A key limitation of this study was the restriction to a single elite netball club. This may limit the application of this framework to other high-performance netball environments. Furthermore, the utilization of only two categories for training activities (skill drills and game-based) may not adequately distinguish between the broad spectrum of on-court coach-prescribed training tasks.

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