Inogen G4 Accessories

inogen g4 accessories

The inogen g4 accessories are designed to make it easy for oxygen users to carry and use their portable oxygen concentrator. From a shoulder bag that allows you to easily sling the unit over your shoulder for hands free use to an additional battery, these accessories are a great way to increase your portable oxygen unit’s ability to be used while on the go and outside of the comfort of your home.

The g4 is a small and lightweight portable oxygen concentrator that offers pulse flow therapy in three different settings. It also includes intelligent delivery technology that automatically detects and delivers oxygen at the start of inspiration – during the first 400 milliseconds of breathing when gas exchange is at its peak. This means that if you’re exercising or physically active, the unit will deliver smaller, more rapid bursts of oxygen, while during rest or sleep, it will deliver larger boluses of oxygen to match your decreased rate of respiration. Find out inogen g4 accessories –

Like the g3, the inogen g4 has Bluetooth capabilities that allow it to be connected to a mobile device and the Inogen Connect app. Using the app, you can check your filter and cannula cleaning schedules, monitor battery life, access FAQs and troubleshooting tips and more.

Inogen G4 Batteries: Empowering Your Freedom with Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Both the g3 and g4 come with two battery options – a single and double. The dual battery option is great for extending your usage time and keeps the overall weight of your inogen one g4 under 2.8 pounds. A single battery, on the other hand, can only provide up to 2.7 hours of oxygen on setting 1 and increases the overall weight of your inogen g4 to over 3.5 pounds.

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