How to Make Use of Bramble Cutting Tools

The tools used for cutting hardwood, softwood, laminate and engineered wood are called bramble cutting tools. The term Bramble is from the German word ‘Brum’ which means broom or broomstick. The tools have a long history going back to the 15th century when it was developed as an improvement over the earlier tools. These tools were originally used for clearing the floor of refuse and rubbish. But now, they are used for making cabinet doors, paneling, floors, bedding, furniture and wall coverings. You can find all types of these tools in the form of hand held ones and the latest innovation is the cordless version.

Use of Bramble Cutting Tools

A Bramble cutting tool is made up of a blade that has an arbor with a face at the base of the blade. This creates a loop like structure on the edge of the blade that helps the blade to twist and come in contact with the wood at different angles. As the blade comes into contact with the hardwood, the resin bonding the edge of the blade to the hardwood causes it to chip off. However, when cutting softwood, you do not need to worry about damaging the wood, but you can make little scratches in the hardwood, which gives the impression that the hardwood had been damaged. To repair a scratch in a softwood, you need to use a different angle of cutting and a different width of blade that ensure the damage does not go beyond the scratch. Hardwood can only be repaired by a trained craftsman and this calls for a special purpose-designed tool that is ideal for hardwood work.

These cutting tools are now used widely and are used for various purposes including cabinet making, cabinet removal, paneling, flooring, hardwood flooring, and hardwood furniture restoration. If you are looking for one of these tools, it is important that you buy a branded product to ensure quality and reliability. It is always better to get professional help for installing, repairing and using one of these tools. Although the tools are available online, it is better to ask for assistance from the retailer, especially if you are unsure about anything. In fact, you can also get good discounts on some of these cutting tools by buying them in bulk.

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