Embroidery Digitizing Services

Mega Digitizing services convert any image, photo or graphic design into an embroidery file for the machine to stitch. It is a specialized service that maintains the integrity of the design and ensures a high-quality embroidered output. The process is complex and takes an experienced digitizer to do properly.

The first step is to analyze the design and determine whether it will work well for embroidery. For example, a logo that was designed for print media may need to be modified or simplified. Then, the digitizer must decide how to interpret the design into a sequence of stitches. This includes determining how the white areas will be embroidered, and which stitch types should be used to best recreate the design.

Revolutionizing Fashion: The Impact of Embroidery Digitizing on Apparel Design

Digitizing the design can be done manually or automatically. The former involves a skilled digitizer assigning stitch points, while the latter is accomplished through automatic features available in some embroidery digitizing software. In general, manual digitizing yields better results for more complex designs and fine details.

Finally, the digitizer creates a stitch file that is compatible with the embroidery machine’s operating system. This file is then used to generate a thread chart, which contains all the stitches that will be sewn on the fabric. The digitizer also chooses the pathing (how the stitches will run) and other important parameters of the file. Once the stitch file is ready, it is saved in an embroidery file format such as a DST or PES.

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