Custom Print on Metal – A Great Way to Show Off Your Favorite Photos

custom print on metal

Metal Printing: A Great Way to Show off Your Favorite Photos

Whether you’re looking for an artistic way to display your favorite photographs or want a unique gift idea for the people on your list, custom print on metal is the perfect choice. It’s durable and won’t fade or peel, and it looks more polished than paper prints.

How to Find a Top Merchant

The best metal canvas print companies use high-quality printing supplies. These include metal base materials, paper, and sublimation inks or dye pigments. The type of metal and how it is treated before printing are important to the quality and durability of your custom printed photo on metal.

Custom Print on Metal vs. Traditional Printing: Which is the Better Choice

Nations Photo Lab offers metal prints that look stunning and can even add a luminescence to your photos. These prints are tack sharp, vibrant, and they’re able to capture detailed tones of black and white photos as well.

Bay Photo Lab

Another top option for printing on metal is Bay Photo Lab, which produces gorgeous-quality results at reasonable prices. They offer many different designs and are known for their creativity.


This photo lab prints directly on a sturdy aluminum panel, which can be attached to an easel, wall mount, or even a curved back that stands independently from the rest of the print. They also offer a wide selection of frame options, including wooden, glass, and acrylic. The company’s customer service is exceptional, and they’re committed to pushing the boundaries with innovative products and high-quality manufacturing.

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