How to Check PM Kisan Beneficiary Status

If you are an eligible beneficiary of the PM KISAN scheme, you can check your status through the online portal. The application will display the name and bank account number of the farmer, as well as the amount transferred to the farmer’s account. The process is easy and you can check your beneficiary status from anywhere. All you need is an Aadhar number, mobile phone number, and bank account information. If you don’t have any of these details, you can simply use a computer to access the portal. Useful website –

The Ultimate Secret Of How To Check PM Kisan Beneficiary Status

To check your Beneficiary Status, you have to visit the website of the PM Kisan program. This website will give you a list of eligible farmers in your state. You can also get this information from the common service centers in your area. After you have registered, you can log on and check your Beneficiary Status. But remember, if you make a mistake, you will be subject to stern action.

You must be registered with the PM Kisan website. If you are self-registered, you can check your beneficiary status by visiting the farmers corner. In this section, you will need to enter your ‘Aadhaar number’ and enter a Captcha. You can also edit the information on your Aadhaar card. You can then apply for the PM Kisan scheme if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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