Body Jewellery Wholesale

body jewerly wholesale

Wholesale Body Jewelry is a huge industry. Many companies make great jewelry, but struggle with the online retail portion of their business. It’s expensive to staff that area, help clients determine size and fit, and deal with the issues that come up. It’s a large reason that so many jewelry companies opted to leave that area for piercers to handle.

Another element is the fact that body jewelry, unlike other items, can not be safely returned if someone doesn’t like it or it doesn’t fit correctly. Because of this many folks aren’t familiar with exactly what their correct sizing is. Many are used to the idea of small, medium, and large when it comes to clothing. However, the sizing for body jewelry is much more specific than that. It depends on the gauge of the piece, the length and diameter of barbells, and the decorative elements. It can also be affected by healing piercings or irritated piercings that are exposed to blood and bacteria.

Body Jewelry Wholesale: Finding Unique and Eye-Catching Designs

So while it may seem counter intuitive that you can’t just buy body jewelry online if you don’t know your sizing, it makes sense that they don’t allow that to happen for safety and health reasons. Plus, it’s not good for the jewelry makers to be dealing with a large number of angry emails and bad reviews. They would rather focus on making the best jewelry they can and leave the online retail to piercers that have trained staff to handle it for them.

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