Art Body Positivity

art body positivity

When it comes to art body positivity, you will find that there are many types of pieces. While many of these pieces are geared toward women, others are more masculine in nature. You will also find some body-positive art that is humorous and makes you smile. Here are a few examples of pieces that you can hang in your home. Whether you like a cartoon character or a realistic portrait, there is a piece out there for you.

Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

Body positive artists are breaking down traditional definitions of beauty and re-emphasizing their own agency over their bodies. Instead of the mainstream media’s message that there is only one type of beautiful, these artists are showing that plus-sized women are just as smart, beautiful, and sexy as anyone else. By challenging the way we view beauty, these artists are empowering plus-size women to be proud of their bodies.

One artist who is pushing the boundaries of the form is Gloria Vega. Her art celebrates the power of Latina and Chicana women. She also supports feminism, Indigenous rights, and healing from eating disorders. Another artist who aims to be more inclusive is Jessica, whose art portrays a curvy Black woman with affirmations adorning her body. Her artwork is available in both adult and child sizes. You can buy a print or a sticker of one of her images on your wall or wear it yourself.

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