A Healthy Environment for Your Child Through Auburn Childhood Daycare

auburn childcare

The Auburn childcare for toddlers is located in Opensland, Virginia and is a full service daycare center that offers a variety of educational programs for your child. The main goal of Auburn Montessori is to provide a quality educational environment for your child from birth through grade three. The school has two schools, a preschool and a daycare center. They also offer specialty programs such as after school care and summer camp for your children. Find out


One of the unique features of the Auburn childcare for toddlers is their music therapy program. Music therapy allows for an important learning process with a soothing and calming effect on the child. Many of the daycare centers offer this type of music therapy as a complimentary service. The music therapists also use new age techniques, such as yoga to help the children with their stress and tension. Music therapy is often used as a tool to help children overcome the challenges they face during their formative years.


The next time you are looking for daycare in your area look no further than the Auburn childcare providers in Opensland, Virginia. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can truly help your child through their toddler years. There are so many activities for your children to participate in while they are growing up in the safe environment of this fine daycare center. Make sure to check out the wonderful services offered by the auburn childcare providers in Opensland, Virginia.

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